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About this page!

Welcome to the doujinshi db project, a site whose main focus is to collect all the information we can about the manga art style, this applies to Doujinshis, Mangas, Games, and so on.

First off, this is a strictly informational site, we do not offer anything for download, nor do we make them available for online reading either. All we provide is information about doujinshis and manga art in general.

The entire site is run by its users and is made by fans for fans, we aren't a corporation or organization.

Our main motivation in collecting the data on a single site is that the information is so scattered around on the net. We also want to help and provide means for fans to be able to buy and support their favorite artists.

We also don't support sharing of doujinshis for free Online, anyone who asks for downloads or things like that will be banned from the site forever just as the rules say below.

I hope this will provide a basic understanding of this site. Welcome to the Doujinshi DB project!



By entering this section of the website, you hereby agree to the folowing.

1: This is not a download, warez or pirate site, this page is strictly an information page. You WON'T find ANYTHING to download here.

2: Some content of this page is for mature viewers only, so hence may not be suitable for minors. This page's main focus is not adult content, but there is some in here and if you're not allowed to view it in your community, then please leave.

3: This site uses cookies, and won't be usable if you disable them.

4: Please don't hammer the site, including attempting to mirror it. Feel free to use the data on the site, however.