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KI: 1212

Well for fun did some statistics on how many users who have submitted at least one book, today due some discussions I had with friends so I thought I would share them here to.

Keep in mind that this list ONLY list the users who have submitted at least 100 or more books. The total number of contributors who have submitted at least one new book is 305. This list also does not list modification contributions. Only new submissions.

And well here it is for fun. Still interesting to see that Admin's still hold spot 1-3

User Count
Akari 4194
dmwade 3674
Tene 2126
kylandra 988
furryKemono 889
thriff 632
atlantima 605
koyotee 573
3pyon 439
Highlander 371
MoeMoe 333
Kouryuu 327
Archimandius 296
stariceling 267
NamelessFairy 220
ikkion 218
h1karu 188
Snesso 167
azarashi 162
Kaede 161
Firecracker 147
ditch_gospel 135
neokanae 119
lordhellbr 117
lambda 115
sevs 109
Zircon 104
Ranoc 100
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KI: 15
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