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Server back up

Sorry for the extra time, got some complications in regard of isp. Anyhow server should be up and running and hopefully it should work well.

Please let me know if you encounter issues here or on twitter anda I'll see if i can fix them.

(Ps there might be a few small downtimes coming days but should only be 5-15 min at most)


Server downtime.

The server will have a planned downtime around the 13 to 15th July (next week), estimated down time is 2 to 3 days.

The date is a bit fluent so can happen bit earlier or bit later. For more in details about the upcoming down time you can always check my that i will post more up to date info.

Sorry for the trouble.


OK server shut down time will happen in 24h from this tweet. (10.00 UTC the 13th) Expected down time is 1 to 3 days. Hard to estimate exact time as server will be physically moving.


Year in review 2019

As always let me know if you want some specific information, i dunno what most are interested in but i can provide more, this topic contains top 350 of each content type if you read it for more in detail list.

Books from 2019: 75270
Total New items added 2019: 104851
Total edits from 2019: 195783
All Ages: 38732
Adult: 36538

Doujinshi/同人誌: 61117
Doujin Novel/同人ノベル: 9588
Doujin Soft/同人ソフト: 1564
Doujin Goods/同人グッズ: 1522
Manga/漫画: 685
Doujin Music/同人音楽作品: 474
Commercial Magazine/雑誌: 170
Doujin Other/同人その他: 76
Unknown/不詳: 69
Postcard/ポストカード: 2

Unknown/不詳: 66445
For women/女性向け: 36826
Illustration/イラスト: 5684
For men/男性向け: 5535
Heartwarming/ほのぼの: 4529
Gag, Joke/ギャグ, ジョーク: 4441
Yaoi, Boys' Love/やおい, ボーイズラブ: 4370
Breasts (Large)/巨乳: 4141
Color/カラーページ: 4052

Original/オリジナル: 10775
Fate/Grand Order/Fate/Grand Order: 5182
Touken Ranbu/刀剣乱舞: 4921
Case Closed/名探偵コナン: 4325
Hypnosis mic/ヒプノシスマイク: 2960
Kantai Collection -KanColle-/艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-: 2825
Touhou Project/東方Project: 2803
Fate series/Fateシリーズ: 2559
THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS/アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ: 1778
(unknown)/不詳: 1637

Furuya Rei/降谷零: 3401
Akai Shuuichi/赤井秀一: 1846
Katsuki Yuuri/勝生勇利: 1219
Victor Nikiforov/ヴィクトル・ニキフォロフ: 1174
Levi Ackerman/リヴァイ・アッカーマン: 1027
Matsuno Karamatsu/松野カラ松: 1001
Kudo Shin'ichi/工藤新一: 900
Yamanbagiri Kunihiro/山姥切国広: 896
Bakugou Katsuki/爆豪勝己: 844
Yamanbagiri Nagayoshi/山姥切長義: 815

Unknown/不詳: 28615
Comic Market 97/コミックマーケット97: 10345
Comic Market 96/コミックマーケット96: 9372
COMIC1*16/COMIC1☆16: 953
Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 16/博麗神社 例大祭 16: 848
秘密の裏稼業 11: 727
閃華春大祭 東2019: 665
Super ROOT 4 to 5 2019/Super ROOT 4 to 5 2019: 645
超秘密の裏稼業 2019: 632
秘密の裏稼業 15: 598

Tsukuru no Mori/ツクルノモリ: 117
Kabushikigaisha Toranoana/株式会社虎の穴: 109
ぱいそんきっど: 77
Comic Market Junbi-kai/コミックマーケット準備会: 64
mccc/mccc: 54
KINOKONOMI/きのこのみ: 52
G.G.W/G.G.W: 45
殿屋。: 42
AbsoluteZero/AbsoluteZero: 35

(unknown)/不詳: 1139
(and more)/他: 272
Yomu/よむ: 38
のいと: 38
Chikiko/チキコ: 38
konomi/konomi: 34
Ikeda Jun/池田淳: 33
Mikami Mika/三上ミカ: 32
Morikura En/森倉円: 31
海: 31


Year in review 2018

Bit late but since i was messing with data, here it is.

Books from 2018: 87002
Total New items added 2018: 563265
Total edits from 2018: 1205427
All Ages: 45130
Adult: 41872

Doujinshi/同人誌: 73793
Doujin Novel/同人ノベル: 7753
Doujin Goods/同人グッズ: 2107
Doujin Soft/同人ソフト: 1472
Manga/漫画: 843
Doujin Music/同人音楽作品: 554
Commercial Magazine/雑誌: 282
Unknown/不詳: 81
Doujin Other/同人その他: 70
Doujin CG/同人CG: 25

Unknown/不詳: 76139
For women/女性向け: 28825
For men/男性向け: 12775
Illustration/イラスト: 5870
Yaoi, Boys' Love/やおい, ボーイズラブ: 4466
Breasts (Large)/巨乳: 4274
Heartwarming/ほのぼの: 3479
Loli/ロリ: 3205
Gag, Joke/ギャグ, ジョーク: 3055
Color/カラーページ: 2949

Original/オリジナル: 10948
Touken Ranbu/刀剣乱舞: 6138
Fate/Grand Order/Fate/Grand Order: 5793
Case Closed/名探偵コナン: 4073
Touhou Project/東方Project: 3329
Kantai Collection -KanColle-/艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-: 3308
Osomatsu-san/おそ松さん: 3275
Fate series/Fateシリーズ: 3220
Yuri on Ice/ユーリ!!! on ICE: 2747
THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS/アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ: 2020

Furuya Rei/降谷零: 3503
Katsuki Yuuri/勝生勇利: 2508
Victor Nikiforov/ヴィクトル・ニキフォロフ: 2416
Matsuno Karamatsu/松野カラ松: 2241
Akai Shuuichi/赤井秀一: 2231
Matsuno Ichimatsu/松野一松: 1839
Levi Ackerman/リヴァイ・アッカーマン: 1427
Shokudaikiri Mitsutada/燭台切光忠: 1234
Matsuno Osomatsu/松野おそ松: 1195
Tsurumaru Kuninaga/鶴丸国永: 1144

Unknown/不詳: 25853
Comic Market 94/コミックマーケット94: 13935
Comic Market 95/コミックマーケット95: 13243
COMIC1*13/COMIC1☆13: 1519
Chou Senka no Toki 2018/超閃華の刻 2018: 1463
Super ROOT 4 to 5 2018/Super ROOT 4 to 5 2018: 1013
Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 15/博麗神社 例大祭 15: 1008
Senka Daigassen 2018/閃華大合戦2018: 1006
秘密の裏稼業 9: 757
閃華春大祭 2018: 753

EB/EB: 498
moe/moe: 169
Kabushikigaisha Toranoana/株式会社虎の穴: 105
RPG COMPANY2/RPGカンパニー2: 64
ぱいそんきっど: 46
N's well/N's well: 42
mccc/mccc: 39

(unknown)/不詳: 1575
(and more)/他: 536
麦芽堂: 497
M.G.F/M.G.F: 110
Raidon/来鈍: 51
Ikeda Jun/池田淳: 47
エヌズ: 42
葉明真夜: 35
Yukino Minato/雪野みなと: 33
Yura/由良: 31


Minor update.

Just fixed a few minor mobile improvements for the site, so from now on the page should at least be usable with fingers and readable by default on a mobile screen.

The menus is still wonky and probably need to be replaced at some point to work better with fingers but then again the entire site need a overhaul in that department, but for now you can use it by long pressing each menu level.


Year in review 2017

Well 2017 have passed and i thought it would be interesting to see the new trends for 2017, check the thread for a bigger list of each category.

Kkeep in mind that this data only include books that have released between 2017-01-01 to 2017-12-31. It's also worth to point out that don't take the number at a direct face value, the site does not contain everything plus there is also somewhat in the range of 1-2% duplicates in this numbers to.

I'm also not sure what you readers would want to see so if you have any specific requests in regards of what data, post it in this thread.

Books from 2017: 94071
Total New items added 2017: 95492
Total site edits from 2017: 229969

Doujinshi/同人誌: 79793
Manga/漫画: 8556
Doujin Soft/同人ソフト: 1584
Doujin Novel/同人ノベル: 1322
Doujin Goods/同人グッズ: 1316
Commercial Magazine/雑誌: 1068
Doujin Music/同人音楽作品: 163
Doujin CG/同人CG: 87
Doujin Movie/同人映像作品: 69
Commercial Soft/商業ソフト: 61
Doujin Other/同人その他: 59
Commercial other/商業その他: 8

Unknown/不詳: 89094
For women/女性向け: 4841
For men/男性向け: 3559
Loli/ロリ: 2752
Color/カラーページ: 2472
Illustration/イラスト: 2312
Breasts (Large)/巨乳: 2193
Stockings/ストッキング: 1895
Group Sex/グループセックス: 1478
Anal/アナル: 1397

Original/オリジナル: 14386
Touken Ranbu/刀剣乱舞: 8013
Osomatsu-san/おそ松さん: 6491
Yuri on Ice/ユーリ!!! on ICE: 5192
Kantai Collection -KanColle-/艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-: 3830
Fate/Grand Order/Fate/Grand Order: 3169
Touhou Project/東方Project: 3003
Case Closed/名探偵コナン: 2936
Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人: 2401

Katsuki Yuuri/勝生勇利: 4571
Victor Nikiforov/ヴィクトル・ニキフォロフ: 4317
Matsuno Karamatsu/松野カラ松: 4310
Matsuno Ichimatsu/松野一松: 3520
Furuya Rei/降谷零: 2447
Matsuno Osomatsu/松野おそ松: 2320
Akai Shuuichi/赤井秀一: 2215
Levi Ackerman/リヴァイ・アッカーマン: 2207
Shokudaikiri Mitsutada/燭台切光忠: 1962
Tsurumaru Kuninaga/鶴丸国永: 1564

Unknown/不詳: 38963
Comic Market 92/コミックマーケット 92: 12813
No Convention/No Convention: 9628
Comic Market 93/コミックマーケット 93: 8336
Chou Senka no Toki 2017/超閃華の刻2017: 1509
Sunshine Creation 2017 Summer/サンシャインクリエイション2017 Summer: 1181
閃華の刻 火華2017: 1063
Hakurei Jinja Reitaisai 14/博麗神社 例大祭 14: 973
Kahou wa Chou Nete Matsu 2017/家宝は超寝て松2017: 965
Kahou wa Nete Matsu 6/家宝は寝て松6: 895



Noticed that the image search engine was abused by a few in a way that it was not meant to be used, so have limited the number of requests you can do per hour/day, it put quite a strain on the server and computational power isn't exactly free.

With that I've also changed the limits the API queries as they are kind of to hard limited.
Any user: 100 to 1000
Vip: 10k to 50k
API user: 100k to 250k

Contributions is the same as before thought they been updated so the manual is kind of wrong, they have changed to 2 per contribution and 4 per new submission.

Keep in mind that it can take up 24 hours for those changes to reflect on your user.

And if your in need of actual API user for a application/custom service contact me.


There been quite a few behind the scene changes past week to, one of interest for you all is that sorting on Original ( Japanese ) names should give a more proper accurate sort order, still not perfect but better then what it was before.

The image search engine have also finally been updated so performance wise it should be faster then before, also fixed a tiny thread related bug that caused some queries to fail at a very low rate. It will also align photos correctly when uploaded for a bit better results.


New update Version 3.5

A minor update this time but will be really useful for collectors.

* You will now see the latest 150 books if you browse to your favorite list, this is to make it much easier to keep track of things you care about.


* You can browse a bit more in detail if you click (b) in the category list of your favorites.
* Added some more Japanese information when browsing books.
* Bunch of backend stuff you won't notice.

As always please let me know if I managed to break something.

Edit: Updated the page a bit more.
* The main favorite page now list items in the order they where added to the db, to make sure you won't miss something new.
* Main favorite list now the top 60k items like the rest of the db.
* if you browse into your own favorite categories you now have a standard filter list so you can order and filter them how you want.
* Added a counter next to the favorite link so you fast can see how many new items since last you where online.


New update Version 3.4

This update comes with a few minor things.

* Browsing & searching Items will provide more information, also ignored the useless last updated line.
* Increased the max pages to 2400 thanks to a bug fixed in MySQL for once.
* Thumnails in Item views. I might make this a optional setting but testing this for now to see how it goes.

As always let me know if you guys found out any bugs, or have new ideas post it in the idea forum.

Also posted a tiny discussion on how things are tagged to maybe imprive that system, you can read the idea here and give your own:


New update Version 3.3

A very long overdue update and requested feature since a very very long time ago, but finally got my lasy ass to fix it.

You can now search your own book list ( or others )

To be able to serach your own list go to your own profile page, you will find a new link saying "Search User Books" on the right side menu, click it to get to the serach page for your books.

The serach page is basically the same as advanced search and you can search your items by name, content and the like.

Example of a random user with a list:

Please repot any errors you may find with this function, it's still pretty new.


New Update Beta 2.3

There made a bunch of changes that was long overdue.

* Got ride of the really annoying agreement page.
* Diffiented between adult images & censored images.
* To view adult images you need to browse to a book and click the image and agree to it.
* Few bugs caused by using https fixed.
* + Some minor backend bug fixes.
* Fixed a bunch of code related to cookies, I recomend logging in and out if you have issues. Hopefully forum posting should work for those who is affected.

I have quite a some time over to fix things overall now, so if there is something urgent that you know about please let me know either by PM or post here and I'll see if I can tackle it.

* Conventions: You can now add Parody, Character and Content to theme a Convention to better give idea of the purpose of the convention.
* Fixed bunch of import bugs on backend code.


https enabled again.

Https is enabled again for those who want to use it.

Also took my time to get a proper certificate so it's no longer self signed.

Also updated quite a bit of backend code to make sure that if your on https it stays on https, I might have missed some pages but let me know if I have.


Server hardware changed again.

For those who do not follow or read my twitter.

Okay second time in a month some hardware got changed.... gah Anyhow I hope with this last change the system will stay stable for now.

Also thanks to all donations over the year who luckely covered all changes for now, but I hope I won't gonna need to swap more hardware ><.

Also sorry for all downtimes as of late but hopefully for now it won't happen.


Started to redirect

Okay from now on only is in use, everything else should now redirect here. Every previous link will still always work, it will just redirect you to the new adress.

Thought if you link to this site I would recomend you to update your links regardless, however the old links will always work, do not plan to make that never work.

API still work like always however new API url if you still work with your application is thought old adress still works.


Server hardware is also more damaged then I belived, the V12 core on the PSU seems to be flaky and unable to handle any harddrives at all pretty much. I'm gonna swap the PSU some times next week so there will be some more maintenance then.


New domain

Got donated to me before and just want to let you know that this site will move to this new adress.

Starting now the new adress of this site is

the old adress will always continue to work, however in a week time it will redirect to the new page.

PS: Since the domain as just moved and transfered, it might take you up to 48h+ for it to start work.