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About the Doujinshi DB & Contact Information:


The purpose of this database is to document in great detail the publications by artists who draw in the Doujinshi comic art style that originated in Japan, and possibly, other similar art styles. This database exists solely in an educational context, to collect and disseminate information about authors and their various publications, and in no way is designed to allow people to freely download files. Free downloading is not the purpose of this database.

A database such as this is needed since (1) the same author may use multiple names (2) the same Doujin Circle may undergo name changes or personnel changes throughout time (3) a single author may have multiple works through different publishers (4) it's difficult to find an English-language site with detailed and correct information on authors (5) it's difficult to find information about many Doujin items, even on Japanese pages (6) extensive information is difficult to find on authors (7) many fan pages of Japanese artists tend to focus on genres or types of publications rather than on the authors themselves (8) too often an author's website is incomplete.

This site addresses all the aforementioned problems with our well-written database software, which allows large amounts of data from a publication to be added and displayed easily. Data can be organized in a very flexible way that allows viewers to find exactly what they are interested in at the exclusion of all other data. New data can easily be added and pre-existing data can easily be amended.

We are looking fellow fans of the Doujinshi publications displayed herein, who have some ability to read Japanese writing and who would like to contribute any data that they wish. If you are such a person, please visit our forum (add the "I know Japanese, how can I contribute." forum link here) to learn how you can contribute.

Categorizing these works is an immense project for me to take on alone. Even if you don't know Japanese there is still plenty of work to do. You may see something labelled wrong, a duplicated title or a recognized parody. If you do, please speak up! To be a solid cornerstone of information for the Doujinshi community we need input from our community as well. So, share our dream and help us build the best database of information on our favorite authors, artists and the producers whose art style is that of the Doujinshi.

Welcome to The Doujinshi DB Project!!



If you want to contact me, I'd prefer you use the forum here, if you wish to have a more private discussion, please us this email:

Only mail me about site issues please.