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XSEED Vol. 2 (B1282555) (V3)


Romanized title:XSEED Vol. 2
Original title:XSEED エクシード Vol.2
Censored:No Censoring
Type: Doujinshi / 同人誌
Convention: Comic Market 31 / コミックマーケット 31
Collections: XSEED

Main Studio Awakeスタジオ・アオーク

Main 亜奈もぐら
Main 山本勘助
Main 戸川みるな
Main 樹本由紀美
Main 田村英樹
Main 町田知之
Main 股毛家奇多
Main (unknown)不詳
Main 【needs specifying】 Daiou大王
Main Asari Yoshitohあさりよしとお
Main Fujita Yukihisaふじたゆきひさ
Main Geki Danji牙鬼断慈
Main Hiki Ushio飛紀潮
Main Jue Marya樹依魔亜夜
Main Kishitake Hisaきしたけひさ
Main Kuruma Shin'ichi来留間慎一
Main Morino Usagi森野うさぎ
Main Sanjuurou三十朗
Main Tororoimo 1 gouとろろいも1号
Main Tororoimo 3 gouとろろいも3号
Main Toyoshima Yuusaku豊島U作
Main Tsubura Hidetomo円英智
Main Yamamoto Atsuji山本貴嗣

Most Originalオリジナル
Very few Alienエイリアン
Very few METROIDメトロイド

Many Loli
Some Guro
Some Lesbian, Yuri
Some Sailor Suit
Very few Cat ears

This book has 154 pages plus a poster.

One author is listed as 来留間慎一 in the table of contents page but on the first page of his comic and on the front cover is listed as 秋恭摩. Both are alternate names of the same author. I've chosen the name in the table of contents as the name to document on this book.

The first interior page with a drawing, which would be numbered page 1 by the internal numbering of the book, is not credited to any author in the table of contents or on the page, but I believe it is by Fujita Yukihisa.

On pages numbered internally as 138 through 145 have many small illustrations. Some names of authors follow the word イラスト, and I've documented them. I did not document the other authors whom I think may not be usual authors of the circle or even established doujin authors, but that these illustrations may have been sent to the circle by fans of the circle.

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