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Alice in God Notepad (B484812) (V5)


Romanized title:Alice in God Notepad
Original title:Alice in God Notepad
Censored:Not Set
Type: Doujinshi / 同人誌
Convention: Comic Market 81 / コミックマーケット 81
Collections: No Collections / シリーズでない

Main infinity lineinfinity line

Main Misato Nana三郷なな

Not Set Heaven's Memo Pad神様のメモ帳

Not Set Fujishima Narumi藤島鳴海
Not Set Shionji Yuuko紫苑寺有子

Not Set Anal
Not Set Bloomer
Not Set Catgirl
Not Set Cumming Inside
Not Set Double Penetration
Not Set Fingering
Not Set Gothic
Not Set Loli
Not Set Maid
Not Set Sex Toys, Sexual Tools
Not Set Stockings

Not Set For men

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Modified:2018-02-19 12:56:14
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Hyoroemon posted a comment:

Item removed from tora
Circle tora


Hyoroemon posted a comment:

Suruga said infinity line and crossray is the same


kenshiro99 posted a comment:

Suruga said infinity line and crossray is the same

I believe the circles are intended to be separate. But it looks confusing here.

I see what you mean (about the suruga-ya item page):
<<その他アニメ・漫画>> Alice in God Notepad / infinity line(crossray)
出版社: infinity line(crossray)
漫画: 三郷なな

However, it seems like 三郷なな(Misato Nana) released this book at C81 via crossray's table/circle? The Pixiv "artist's notes" credit's 大森誠(Oomori Makoto) for some assistance.

There appears to be at least one other book that is related to this one. It was released at C80, and this one was released at C81. I suspect based on the details below, that at C80, 三郷なな(Misato Nana) was still under/with 大森誠(Oomori Makoto) as part of "crossray". But the book content may confirm what circle it claimed, and I believe that is what is entered in the doujindb here. This book is the second book of this Parody for 三郷なな(Misato Nana), and is the first released book known by doujindb for "infinity line". I suspect that by this time 三郷なな(Misato Nana) had started to establish a separate circle of "infinity line"; but, still was not accepted to C81, or was still partly under or assisted by "crossray". Again, the book content may confirm what circle it claimed to be from (or the relationship), but the Pixiv notes below may suggest a theory like the above could be correct. (Note: I am not fully familiar with the Circles. These are just my thoughts based on some details.)


See Artist's notes / Work description here:
既刊も少し持っていきます。よろしくお願いします。 ■追記:今回も虎の穴さんとメロンブックスさんに委託させていただきました。

(user/47568: )

Also see Page 7 of the Pixiv samples; it has replaced dialogue:
ツ-37a crossrayに委託するよ...

The important part is what it says in the Book's Forward/Afterward (first/last) credits pages. We should normally see the Circle name and Author Credits in the book or on the back/front cover, and that is one of the best sources to trust.

It would make sense for Suruga-ya to make a note about the association between them on some related books; like this book (from C81) and the other book that 三郷なな(Misato Nana) released at C80 via/under 大森誠(Oomori Makoto)'s table/circle, which doujindb has labeled as being from Circle crossray. Maybe for the first book 三郷なな(Misato Nana) was training/working under crossray, and later created the separate circle of "infinity line"? But then the second book was also sold at crossray's table during C81; maybe because "infinity line" was not yet accepted/submitted to Comike for a table?

I do not know for sure, but I wanted to suggest that the Circles are intended to be separate and that they may have worked very close in the past, or maybe still do. Possibly "infinity line" continues to have "crossray" sell the books at it's Comiket table, which could be confusing. If that is true then maybe we could say they are the same, but I personally would say they are different; still, I think the important part is what the official credits and notes in the books or on the official site says, because that is how someone will be looking up the details in the database. :)

Maybe someone with the book can help try to confirm this or share the author's notes and credits from inside the book.


【For easy reference】

Circles: crossray
・Oldest books released around 2009 (of what is in doujindb)[see "Related Books" below].

Authors: Oomori Makoto / 大森誠
(needs pixiv/twitter link added to the db)

Circles: infinity line
・First book by this artist was released in 2011 (known by doujindb)[see "Related Books" below].

Authors: Misato Nana / 三郷なな
(needs pixiv/twitter link added to the db)
・ details:

For crossray:
・サークル名: crossray
・サークル名カナ: クロスレイ
There was one other entry that was mostly empty:

For infinity line:
・I did not find a page for "infinity line", after a quick search.
・I did not yet read their twitter history from this time period, either.

Related books:

Good Night, Sweethearts (B456997) (V4) 2011-08-14,-Sweethearts/
・Circles: crossray
・Authors: Misato Nana 三郷なな
・Released at C80 (2011-08-14)
・first related book under crossray by infinity line; before own circle?
Can someone re-confirm the Circle/Author credits/notes inside of the book?

Alice in God Notepad (B484812) (V5) 2011-12-31
・Circles: infinity line
・Authors: Misato Nana 三郷なな
・Released at C81 (2011-12-31)
・continuation/related book; consigned to crossray by "infinity line" artist for C81?
Can someone re-confirm the Circle/Author credits/notes inside of the book?