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MoeMoe posted a comment:

The title 奇跡の地球(ほし) is named after the song with the same name by Japanese popular band 桑田佳祐&Mr.Children.
So "奇跡の地球" is not so unique phrase.

I can find some doujinshi titled "奇跡の地球" on google.
One of them is released by Doujin Koubou Studio Tiara.
But they don't have cover image or which parody the book is about.

The info of this book is imported from nagomiDB but they already removed their original info.
"Doujin Koubou Studio Tiara" is the imported data.

But many objects were mis-linked to Studio Tiara.
When the name of the circle has the words "Doujin", "Koubou", "Studio" or "Tiara", they were mis-linked to Studio Tiara.
I fixed most of them but I couldn't identify some books and this book is one of them.
So I guess the circle who released this book has "studio" in their name.

The book you show needs some more info to identify like cover image or info that the padody is Rayearth.
Without them, I can't deny it's a coincidence.


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Thanks, I searched before but I couldn't find info.
I updated.


abcd005522336699 posted a comment:


I guess the circle's name is "キャサリンハムネット".


abcd005522336699 posted a comment:

This circle's name might be
"R.R.A" or "R.R.A"

R.R.A 奇跡のファイア・ジャンクション - Google 搜尋


Akeru posted a comment:

Wow ~~~~~~ *0*


zahoz posted a comment:

very nice


MoeMoe posted a comment:

I guess the author Tomako stopped to distribute her books.

She announces voluntary recall of 2 books on her blog
because of tracing the art works and logo design of Disney's.

So I guess she's in self-restraint.


DUIx posted a comment:

*0* So good


collectinghobby posted a comment:

Link says "404 Error Found" D: does that mean they sold out?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

娘 is the different form of 嬢.
So 娘 can be read as "Jou".

Wiktionary (Japanese)

I corrected 参→參 (same kanji, different form)


Akari posted a comment:

The transliteration of 'Sanjou' maybe be incorrect for '参娘'. If the correct transliteration is known, please correct the data.


alfre posted a comment:



MoeMoe posted a comment:

I don't own this book so I'm not sure but Vol.7 is not introduced on author's website though all other issues are introduced.


Akari posted a comment:

I think this book may not have been released as a separate book. This data of 15 pages (as it says) is from content taken from TIMTIM MACHINE Soushuuhen 123 Gattai Gou (B4251). On the table of contents of that book it mentions the TIMTIM Machine 7 section and says "まぼろし幻". My guess is that this book was planned but never finished or released in a finished state but only released in fragments in the Soushuuhen 123 Gattai Gou.


dargon4411 posted a comment:

It so GOOD !!


MoeMoe posted a comment:



Jenkitten06 posted a comment:

Where you guys get these?? So cute!!


Akari posted a comment:

春之助 and 春助 are different authors?

Yes. They are different.

春助(A262) and 春助(A1596) are different authors?
(same theme "furry" appears on both author's book)

No. They are the same. I merged them.

(3) きき(A52585) is different from KIKI(A2232).


MoeMoe posted a comment:

2 items available at DLsite


titswifter posted a comment:

where can i get something from Auleria?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

You can purchase by downloading colored edition at DLsite.


MoeMoe posted a comment:

KOF の麻宮アテナではなく、1987年にファミコン版が発売された「アテナ」ではなかろうか。


Is character Asamiya Athena of KOF?
It might be Athena.
Athena in Wikipedia
Because all other parodies are fantasy.

Both Athena are characters in SNK games and Asamiya Athena is a descendant of Athena.

I found Athena is mixed up with Asamiya Athena so I separated.


MoeMoe posted a comment:

I added links to online downloading store to some Naruho-dou's books.
And I added some books by any circle to Tsunade.


iLikeNaruhoDou posted a comment:

I bought this book. Is amazing, thanks for new tsunade. Looking for more from you.


iLikeNaruhoDou posted a comment:

More Tsunade :)


iLikeNaruhoDou posted a comment:

More tsunade please.
You draw tsunade the best.


MoeMoe posted a comment:

This is 委託版(consignment sale edition).
Is this direct sale edition or something?


grhappy posted a comment:

wow great job~~~


longdifeng posted a comment:

i like it very much


MoeMoe posted a comment:

春之助 and 春助 are different authors?

春助(A262) and 春助(A1596) are different authors?
(same theme "furry" appears on both author's book)


oliver posted a comment:

very good


789451 posted a comment:



MoeMoe posted a comment:

I checked 3 books of AM-DVL(DMN)'s.
Cover says "AM-DVL".
Website of Nippon Teikoku Toshokan says "AM-DVL"
Colophon says "AM-DVL".

I don't know from where (DMN) came.

Anyway, DVL of AM-DVL means "devil".
So I guess DMN is demon.


strDSR posted a comment:

Same artist? #3111 and #19067 (alternate name maybe)


AnimeJanai posted a comment:

This doujin is nicely-written and drawn with an interesting sepia tone. The characters remain in-character and display many of their quirks that distinguished them from each other in the official manga. The author has a deviantart page with additional Fairy Tail artwork at


khrizart posted a comment:

thanks MoeMoe... I will try to contact them... and see what I can get...


MoeMoe posted a comment:

I think "草薙" is erratum so I move all books to "草凪".

This is copy book. You can see small holes of stapler on the right.
And B71262 might be omnibus of copybooks.


MoeMoe posted a comment:

How about BBS at the author's website?

But finishing series might be a little difficult.
It's published serially on COMIC PAPIPO.
And the publisher France Shoin withdrew from adult comics all of a sudden.

There are some episodes printed on PAPIPO but not printed on comics.
And furthermore, there are few episodes which are not printed on PAPIPO though the author handed over manuscripts to PAPIPO.

So if 2 problems
(a) returning unpublished manuscripts
(b) adjustment about the relation of the rights
are solved, the publishers that the author work for now (Akane Shinsha or Core Magazine) may possibly publish a sequel and comics.


strDSR posted a comment:

This artist appears to be listed twice:
#4964 and #1265. This doujin is similar to B71262


khrizart posted a comment:

Where i can ask for more of this?? I mean.... is there a way (formal) to ask the author to finish this?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

The author himself uses the kanji "寿" not "壽"?
All the other "寿" are imported from nagomi so I don't trust so much.
TOO hip gootta go


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Aren't あかやま寿文 and あかやまワイルドハーフ寿文 same author?
Are both name printed on this book?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Isn't "摩訶" in authors a mis-input(or alt name) of 魔訶不思議?


bhuopkl posted a comment:



SelVll3e posted a comment:

so cute and sexy !!


MoeMoe posted a comment:

No, it's "準備号" (preview edition) and B350447 is complete edition.
Preview edition is copy book, less pages and released half a month earlier.
Complete edition is printed by offset and cover is full color.


Dartlen posted a comment:

Isn't it the same as this: ?


MoeMoe posted a comment:


I can't judge how to read "1日" only by seeing the cover.

It can be read "Tsuitachi (first day of the month)" or "Ichinichi (1 day)"

If it's the story about new year coming, it may be read "Tsuitachi".
(This book released on 12/31)
In this case, the title means "Fist day is just around the corner".

If it is read "Ichinichi", the title mean "I'll come another 1 more day".


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Not perfect but DMM or autumnleaf will help.
Though Japanese is the only language available.
Direct link to search result of "快楽天"
(1) Click "Enter".
(2) Input "快楽天" into
[全商品▼] から キーワード [ Here ] で、[検索] する
(3) Click [検索]


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Every commercial magazine have a regular release date.

This is official website of Kairakuten.

It says "発売日/毎月29日" (release on 29th of every month).

The latest issue is 2011-01 and the latest 29th is Nov. 29th as of now.
That means 2011-01 was released on Nov. 29th.
So 29th of 2 month ago is the release date of Kairakuten.

You can see that on TOC, too.
You can read "次号は3月28日土曜日発売です!!" on the right.
It means "Next issue is release on Mar. 28th (Sat)!!"
So 2009-05 was released on Mar. 28th.
29th of March was Sunday so it released one day earlier.

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