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MoeMoe posted a comment:

Released on the same day with reprint edition?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Covor image at is the cover of the completely different book.


Homurayuki posted a comment:

Good manga ya i like it


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Same released date with rivised edition?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

ver1.5 と ver1.0 が同時発行?
ver1.5 and ver1.0 released on same day?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

Why did rivised edition release before original one?


MoeMoe posted a comment:

こっちとは ISBN が違うから、別の本だが、何が違うのか不明
This book have differnt ISBN so it is not same book but I don't see what's the difference.


Ranmoji posted a comment:

i like this doujin so much.~


TC posted a comment:

The author released his new book, and some nice posters for buying!

The book is called AmyUNTOLD Fantasies I. and it opens up a whole new series! Though the original series will also be continued soon!

Go to here for details:


MoeMoe posted a comment:



MoeMoe posted a comment:

Saya (I. Sayaka) is a character of a game "Sayaka-chan Monogatari" by Alice soft.
"Sayaka-chan Monogatari" is a sequal of "Ayumi-chan Monogatari" but it is cancelled.

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