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KI: 1220

Well this site have always need an good way to actually list and browse manga series by default. Something this site have lacked from day 1 and why it's really shitty to use this site to lookup an series in general. This is something I want to fix.

First of the new browse category will more or less be called Manga, here will an Manga & Manga series be listed. Each one list only the official books in that regard for those who want more in detail information about the series.

The Manga category will however contain some data on it's own.

* Title, JP Title ( Alternate Titles )
* Authors
* Publisher/Imprint
* General information about the series.
* Links to parody section if there is one. (eg Parody already exist here )
* Characters
* Publishing timeline. ( start & end )

The point of this topic is that I would like to know more what you think would be a good addition to this new tag. I will start code this as soon as possible as I have exactly one more month and I'll be busy for at least 2 years and won't have much spare time. (Starting school again)

I will try to auto generate as much data as possible from what exist on this db already, but after that we going to need to go true it all and fix a TON of data. So I need someone or a few who are willing to help out on that before the section as well will be opened up to the public, if you have good knowledge about Manga let me know.

If you have more ideas on how to improve this category PLEASE let us all know at ONCE.
2010-07-22 19:53:10<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 2
You might want to include a section that contains links to sequel or spinoff series that might have a different series name but contains some or all of the same characters from another series.
2010-07-24 06:42:19<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 1220

Thanks will surly do that Smile
2010-07-24 12:16:35<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 3
I will gladly help but will it mean 2 year whitout updates Embarassed
Anyway studies are wrong,just forget itVery Happy (anyway good luck)
2010-07-24 16:27:52<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 68

Do you mean with 'Publishing timeline' it will be possible to add different Publishers with ISBN numbers to an issue?

2010-07-26 11:59:02<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 72

I like the idea of being able to associate related manga series, including those that have very different titles from the parent series.

Maybe the database can be improved for manga in a way that will help when adding novels? Novels are like manga in being legal publications, not parodies, and often they are in a series, or there are related series of novels. There are already novels in the database, and this is good; novels have cover art, and sometimes they also have interior art. But as the DB is now set up, novels can be confusing, because usually the author of a novel is not the artist who made the cover image.

Maybe manga can be set up so that, if necessary, there can be separate fields for artist and writer? I know this is not true as often for manga as for American comics, but I believe some manga do this. Then, in the same way, novels could have separate author and artist fields. Then it would be clear who did the art of the novel cover, but there would also be a field for the author's name.

I don't want to make this too complicated for something you're not trying to do. I'm only hoping there is a way to code for manga that can also make the database work better for novels.

2010-07-26 17:12:53<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 90

There are three major types of manga that people seem to search for on another site:

1. Manga comic (series of chapters for a specific story title)
2. Manga tankoubon (collection of various stories by same author)
3. Manga anthology (collection of various stories by different authors)

People may search the manga not for the title, but by the name of one of the stories inside the manga anthology or manga tankoubon. So you may want some way to search for those stories and that may mean tags can be available for each of the stories inside as they may be parodies of some anime series or a related story from a different manga.
2010-08-02 02:24:47<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 2
Another thing that would be good with manga anthologys would be if it was possible to assign each story inside the manga to it's own respective author.

Also possibly a way to indicate which page that the particular story inside the anthology begins on since it's hard to tell which story belongs to which author if you don't know Japanese.
2010-08-02 07:23:46<Quote> <Edit>
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