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KI: 1220

Just want to inform you all that I've made some minor changes to the web server who cause a bunch of leech bot to stop work, hopefully I can get the stupid 3 times the actual page views to get realistic and stop pressure the server so darn heavily. Also a few indexing bots been disabled.

If your running into problems ( front page should not be blocked ) Please contact me and I'll try to fix the problem asap. Will also monitor myself for problems.


Secondly this website under the new version is now exactly 1 years old Smile so happy bday :p i guess, thought the site have actually been active for more then 4 years total.
2010-08-09 02:02:39<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 1
yes i know ,thank you
2010-08-11 02:20:28<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 2

Omedetou~! Very Happy
and thank you for your hard work!
2010-08-11 16:00:58<Quote> <Edit>
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