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KI: 1333

Shounen / å°‘å¹´

I guess someone who set this genre assumes that it's for boys' mangas like series in Weekly Shonen Jump.
Dragon Ball, Jojo, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter and so on.

Weekly Shonen Jump in wikipedia (English)
Shonen manga in wikipedia (English)

It's manga for teen boys, not manga in which teen boys appear as characters.

So I think "Shounen Ai" should not link to this.

"Shoujo" is the same.

I think they need more understandable translation.
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KI: 1333


(1) English name and Japanese name is not the same meaning
American Wild West / アメリカ・ウエスタン衣服 → American Wild West Clothing
Animal / 獣 → Beast
Recorder / レコーダー
→ If "Recorder" means a kind of wind instrument, it's "リコーダー", not "レコーダー"
"レコーダー" means video (or audio) recorder.
Reversible / リバシブル (やおい)

(2) Japanese name is sexual term but I don't know English name is also sexual term.
Expansion / 局部拡張
Facial / 顔射
Fingering / 指挿入
Fisting / フィストファック
Juices / 愛液
Location / 性行為の場

(3) Japlish
Bloomer / ブルマー
Boys' Love / ボーイズラブ
Cosplay / コスプレ
Host / ホスト
Loli / ロリ
Mecha / メカ
Office Lady / OL

(4) Just a romanization
4-koma / 4コマ
69 / シックスナイン
Ahoge / アホ毛
Bijin / 美人
Bishoujo / 美少女
Bishounen / 美少年
Bukkake / ぶっかけ
Chikan / ç—´æ¼¢
Densha / 電車 (でんしゃ)
Maebari / まえばり
Miko / 巫女
NTR(Netorare) / 寝取られ
Sentai / 戦隊
Sumata / ç´ è‚¡

(5) So abstractive
Character / キャラ
Children / 子供
Clothing / 服
Family / 家族
Generic / 作品の様式
Hair / 髪
Insertions / 挿入
Location / 性行為の場
Story/Plot / 筋立て
I think some major categories are abstractive when it is picked out separately.

(6) No Japanese name
Hair Sex
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KI: 1232

Anyhow feel free to fix some if you want. However some of those 'very abstract' ones are just there to keep a Three structure of the content itself so it's a bit easier to browse it.

As for those romanisations thats the terms mostly used by westerns to. So most things there is correct.

As for Recorder I know Akari added that one as it's one of the contents he like, and yes it's refering to a "wind instrument" or a type of flute.

And yes there is two content tags who never had an Japanese name Smile kind of weird specially hair sex as it's something I see quite commonly.

As for Femdom it's short for Female Dominance: I'm sure there is an Japanese therm for this.
2010-12-26 14:22:25<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 90

When I first saw "cowgirl" I thought that was the sexual position where the girl is sitting on top of the male as if she were riding a horse.


I especially like the "text/story" type label since there are plenty of doujinshi that have quite a few UNillustrated pages of text. Usually the text belongs to the plot or story of the pictures, but sometimes, it is about something else entirely such as a description of what has been going on with the circle (news) or an upcoming project.
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