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KI: 1224

Sorry >< Wish I had more free time over but studdying 2 complete programs at once is tearing free time away ><. Some weeks over 80 hours just at school ><.

Anyhow I have added the folowing.

* Added the Extra Name as Cursivve to easier distinct it of the real name.
* Extra Name displayed on the details pages of the items who got it.
* Renamed Title to Romanized Title:
* Renamed JTitle to Original Title:
- Some pages don't have word 'Title' in it due layout problems.
* Added some base layout changes to get more 'detail space' 50px.
* Added some better layout for the detail panel.
* Added option under settings to reset the last 50 edited items that you modified from the step 2 page.

Think that was all for now ^^.

2011-03-11 20:56:15<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 75
2.6 > 3.2.7 ?
sounds like you follow chrome version numbering system
2011-03-12 04:00:57<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 1224

Nah the site is at version 3.x beta 2 update 7 SO I just wrote 3.2.7 this time Razz
2011-03-12 09:20:52<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 1224

To lazy to add an new version just for this tiny change but.

I added 'SOUNDS LIKE' filter under the ANY/Start/End search query options.

Sounds like using something called soundex, this help to limit spell mistakes granted you get 10 fold more results so it's not always helpfull. But I'll added it just for having it there Smile

Also made a few more minor db backend changes should improve searching on Character names.
2011-03-18 12:07:55<Quote> <Edit>
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