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KI: 1224

Parts have been ordered! Thanks for all the donations! Keep in mind that we always happy to recive more.

Server upgrade plans:

Need to upgrade the server yet again due increasing demands ><. So making this post about what plans & how much more in donations that would be nice to have.

Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V LX ( ~1000 sek )

CPU: i5-2500K ( 220$ )
RAM: 4x8GB ( 2*150$ = 300$ )

Would be nice:
SSD: (90 $) OCZ Agility 3
HD: (~120 $ ) 1TB+ 7200 RPM drive ( SSD + HD as SSD cache )

For needs:
Cash needed for the motherboard ignored for now ( have a defective asus board I can found it with, just been lazy to RMA it )
For what I must have minimum ( One set of RAM sticks) 370$
For all ram sticks: 520$
For what would be nice;: 730$

Cash I have now from donation: 210$
Donations after this post: 14 (430$)

Yes I can afford the minimum upgrade right now, HOWEVER, the what would be nice upgrade is what I seek, and lack about ~350$ USD for it. So reason why I post this is to ask for more donations to help found a better upgrade. Will let this wait till end of January to see what I'll manage to get and upgrade the server by then to the minimum at least.

If you would like to help, yes even 1$ helps, Please donate here:

PS: If you donated PM me so I can give you VIP.
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