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KI: 1233

Sorry for few updates as of late but have had lots and lots and lots of IRL issues who have eaten up all time.

Anyhow I'm most likely in need to move within some month and due that I'm looking for a new webhost as I would be unable to host it myself.

However I have zero skills abut what good web hosts provider are out there since I've never really used any of my own, always self hosted at home or workplaces so never really used other services for this.

What I'm in need of is a Dedicated machine, No need for super powerfull but I do need 16GB ram & 256 GB SSD + 1GB slower storage. I'm also in need of a Win 2008-r2 (or 2012 ) machine. Bandwidth is not that big of a issue as the site generate about 1TB a month.

Do you know any good host service out there who can provide this without insane cost, and wouldn't mind a site like this? Please let me know, either by PM me here or contact me by mail (you can find it on the about page )
2013-03-03 21:34:19<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 224
I did look around a bit, but didn't find a single offer which is cheap and has a SSD. Just something to get you started:

all german sites, just g-translate them.
2013-03-09 13:35:14<Quote> <Edit>

KI: 1233

Thanks for the tip, will check over them.
2013-03-10 11:54:40<Quote> <Edit>
KI: 62

I hope the site won't go down during the move. I don't mind slow speeds.

I'm guessing you'll live in same country... still need to censorship covers Sad

Anyways, good luck with irl stuff, we all been there, and moving sucks.
2013-03-27 12:02:44<Quote> <Edit>
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