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KI: 1333







Sometimes I don't see what parody I should set, Original or some peculiar title.

★Media franchise
Game ⇔ Anime ⇔ Manga ⇔ Novel

Official anthology comics

★Publication distributed by producing organization
Distributed by Shaft, production company which made Hidamari Sketch anime. First distribution is at C83. Reprinted in Feb. '13 and distributed commercially. So ISBN is not printed on the book but on the shrink-wrap.

★Doujinshi by original author
"Series completion memorial doujinshi"
This contains manga which is first printed as doujinshi.
I couldn't find what doujinshi but what parody should be set to that doujinshi?
"Official doujinshi" by the author.
Doujinshi by the illustrator of original light novel.

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KI: 1

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KI: 1333

I think this kind of book should be tagged original

This manga discontinued commercial release (vol.1~10) so the author distributes this series as doujinshi.
vol.1 (commercial release)
vol.11 (doujinshi)

They are continuous and inseparable story.

But I wonder this kind of book should be tagged original

X-rated doujinshi

This doujinshi won't be materialized if there isn't original Freezing manga and never be a part of original Freezing story.

And it will be unclear what that "original" means when plural parodies or authors are tagged.

ex) plural authors
Tamaki Nozomu is the author of "Dance In The Vampire Bund".

ex) plural parodies
SUEZEN is the character designer of Yadamon and Shining Force II but this book also contains his original works.

If you want to find self-parody works, Advanced Object Searching will help.
ex) Vampire Bund doujinshi by Tamaki Nozomu
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KI: 77
I think the "Parody" should be renamed to something like "Fictional Universe"/架空世界 and a "Canon/Non-Canon" check-box should be added. So instead of this:
* (Type="Manga", Parody="Original")
* (Type="Doujinshi", Parody="Freezing")

You'd have this:
* (Type="Manga", Universe="Freezing", Canon="Yes")
* (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Freezing", Canon="No")

My Example Case
I want to tie this book (a light novel):
to this "Universe"

It would be a (Type="Commercial Novel", Universe="Shiro-Hime Quest", Canon="No").

My Reasoning (tl;dr)

1) "Parody" doesn't fit perfectly:

I have gotten used to how "parody" is used on this site, so I had forgotten that when I first started here I thought "Parody" was a bit strange. It's meaning:

"A work or performance that imitates another work or performance with ridicule or irony."

This is the meaning of "parody" that I'm familiar with, and the part about "ridicule or irony" is why I thought it's usage here was strange, since that's not a necessary part of most doujinshis that I've seen.

2) "Parody" couples official/unofficial & canon/non-canon, and relates strongly to commercial/doujinshi:

- Commercial: Works that are published by a company.
- Doujinshi: Works that are self-published.

- Official: Works that are released by the franchise's owners. Can be doujinshi and non-canon.
- Unofficial: Works that are released by some individual or group besides the franchise's owners. Unlikely to be commercial, but can be canon.

- Canon: Works that are recognized as an official part of the fictional universe.
- Non-Canon: Works that are not recognized as an official part of the fictional universe.

* Canon / カノン: /カノン_(文芸)
* Fictional Universe / 架空世界: /架空世界

Categorization Examples: Moemoe's Links (commercial, official, non-canon) (commercial, official, non-canon) (commercial, official, not-canon) (doujinshi, official, canon) (this work: commercial, official, canon. but originally: doujinshi, official, canon) (doujinshi, official, canon?) (doujinshi, unofficial, non-canon) (commercial, official, canon) (doujinshi, official?, canon) (commercial, official, canon) (doujinshi, unofficial, canon?)

I'm fairly certain I misunderstood some of these books and got the categorizations wrong. But hopefully it illustrates the different categories that appear to exist.

I've watched many anime OVAs, movies, and series that are commercial & official, but non-canon. And from MoeMoe's links, we can see that a series of doujinshi works can become a series of commercial works, and vice versa. I think "Parody" should be altered to allow these distinctions to be properly accounted for.

3) Distinctions about Official/Unofficial and Canon/Non-Canon need addressing.

Commercial/Doujinshi is already set in an Object's Type field, so there's nothing to do here.

Official/Unofficial is about the ownership of the works being published (I think). For example, The iDOLM@STER characters and places are likely owned by the game company that make the games. That company allows other companies to make official anime series and official anthology releases like , but many doujinshi are released without their consent and are unofficial.

Ownership is not directly covered by the database at the present, but I'm pretty sure it could be implemented with a new Owners field in the Parody Item that would link to other Items like Authors, Circles, and Publishers.

To be honest, this Official/Unofficial distinction is not really very important to me. It might be important information, but to me it just feels too vague and I don't have any idea of how I'd even find this information to input into the database.

Canon/Non-Canon would allow "Original" works and their "Parodies" to be linked together. Both would instead be added to the same "Fictional Universe"/"Universe", and the works that are currently "Original" would be check-marked as "Canon" works. For example, these Freezing books: (Type="Manga", Universe="Freezing", Canon="Yes") (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Freezing", Canon="No")

The "Universe"/"Fictional Universe" field would just be the current "Parody" field, and "Canon" would be a newly added check-box. "Original" would still exist as an entry in "Universe", and it would be applied like it is now: to universes (places & characters mainly) that aren't being used by unofficial or non-canon works like doujinshi.

More Examples: Moemoe's Links (Type="Manga", Universe="Zero no Tsukaima", Canon="No") (Type="Manga", Universe="THE IDOLM@SER CINDERELLA GIRLS", Canon="No") (Type="Manga", Universe="Hidamari Sketch", Canon="No") (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Yuu Yuu Hakusho", Canon="Yes") (This Work: Type="Manga", Universe="Hayate the Combat Butler", Canon="Yes". Originally: Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Hayate the Combat Butler", Canon="Yes") (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Dance In The Vampire Bund", Canon="Yes?") (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="A Certain Magical Index", Canon="No") (Type="Manga", Universe="Blood Alone", Canon="Yes") (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Blood Alone", Canon="Yes") (Type="Manga", Universe="Freezing", Canon="Yes") (Type="Doujinshi", Universe="Freezing", Canon="No")

"Fictional Universe" Examples
* Star Trek Universe: /スタートレック
* Middle-Earth Universe: /中つ国 (トールキン)
* H.P. Lovecraft Universe:
* Marvel Comics Universe:

"Canon" Examples
* Sherlock Holmes Canon: /シャーロック・ホームズシリーズ
* Star Trek Canon:
* Middle-Earth Canon:
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KI: 1333

A story about girls play Pokemon GO
Girls in costume of Pokemon GO

First, I wonder "Pokemon GO" should be set.
But I come to think people might search Pokemon GO to find those books.

I think a system covering them is necessary.
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KI: 1333

Other type of parody

● imitating the style of art
ex) circle: Ojou no Yokushitsu
imitates Hara Tetsuo, artist of Fist of the North Star

ex) author: Tanaka Kei'ichi
imitates manga magnates like Tezuka Osamu

● story, plot
characters→Millennium War Aigis
plot→Delicious in Dungeon
cover of original manga
imitated popular scene (google image searching)
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