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KI: 1235

Noticed that the image search engine was abused by a few in a way that it was not meant to be used, so have limited the number of requests you can do per hour/day, it put quite a strain on the server and computational power isn't exactly free.

With that I've also changed the limits the API queries as they are kind of to hard limited.
Any user: 100 to 1000
Vip: 10k to 50k
API user: 100k to 250k

Contributions is the same as before thought they been updated so the manual is kind of wrong, they have changed to 2 per contribution and 4 per new submission.

Keep in mind that it can take up 24 hours for those changes to reflect on your user.

And if your in need of actual API user for a application/custom service contact me.


There been quite a few behind the scene changes past week to, one of interest for you all is that sorting on Original ( Japanese ) names should give a more proper accurate sort order, still not perfect but better then what it was before.

The image search engine have also finally been updated so performance wise it should be faster then before, also fixed a tiny thread related bug that caused some queries to fail at a very low rate. It will also align photos correctly when uploaded for a bit better results.
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