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Guide: Browsing Objects

This guide is very out of date!


To brows all objects is quite easy. But some simple guide lines can be usefully for how to easier brows objects, how to order them and rerang them in what order you want to easier help you find what you want.

Page browsing:

This is quite self explained, on all browsing pages you will see this more or less, I don't think I need to say much about it, you can always find this to the top right or bottom right of each page.

Simple character list.

This one is used to help you brows objects by the first letter it will only sort them by the English letters so for now. # stands for all nummeric chars and objects who start with special chars such as []-_ and so on. Empty stands for english names titles who don't have anything inserted at all. The rest is quite self explained.

Next is the Circle/Author/Parody/Content/Type/Convention/Publisher/Serie browsing.

This looks more or less like this, first of the # Objects part is just showing how many objects there is under this category, the second part is the name also for most cases you can sort them by first letters here as well, there is no other way to sorth this ones.

Browsing Objects.

This is an example window of how browsing objects looks like, here is where most peopels seem to miss the functions of this doujinshi DB, and hence why this guide is writen. First of here you see the basic information about the objects, sadly at this date it's not possibel to customise the information here but may be able in the future. Secondly almost ALL of the different information types here is clickable, yeah you read that right, You can click Name, Jname, Pages, Type, Releasedate, language, 18+, Anthology, Score, Submitted, PV, Replies, yes all but Circle/Authors.
What happens if you click eg where it says "Releasedate" yes it meens they get sorted by the release date, always the oldest to the latest at start, but if you want to rerange them by Newest to the oldest you can do so as well, by clicking the same "Releasedate" again. By standard everything is sorted by the Name tag.
You can also click the image for evne more detailed view of the book, but that will be covered in another guide.

Aditional data by browsing.

This window you will always see as longs as your not browsing objects directly, it won't look exactly the same as the one at the top every time but will look somewhat like this. The one you see above is for Authors, as you can clearly read.
This window you can always see information about the ring/author.... and so on your browsing. In this example you can see that hte author POP is in the Circle Electromagnetic wave.
If browsing rings you can see what authors that ring contain, Conventions and such things you also see aditional information such as Date.
The HTTP is basiclay if an author is linked a homepage, by clicking the banner or URL listed you will get a new page and be linked to this one.
The Frequency tab is only for Circles, Authors, Content and Parodies. But with this you can selecth ow common something should show up in an object and order them by that rate, by default this is left blank hence not used.

This is basically everythign you need to know to use this page, if there is something you still don't understand you can always go and read or post questions at the forum.