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Guide: Content search tag.

How to sue the content search tag: First of the seperator if for many terms is enter, so if you want to use more then 1 term hit enter and type in more. Secondly to search you need to specify WHAT you want to search and then the word. For searching content you want to type K:Swimsuit to search books with teh content of swimsuits. If you want to EXCLUDE a term you use example -K:Swimsuit you can also type +K:Swimsuit but it default to + if you don't specefy anything.

Other thing worth mention is that it ONLY select the first thing it find when you search. example +K:Swi will find Swimsuit, if there where more result or another result at first it will select it.

Here is the list of ALL search terms:
C: Circle
A: Author
P: Parody
H: Character
N: Convention
O: Collections
K: Content
G: Genre
T: Type
L: Publisher
I: Imprint

Example of an search: