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Guide: Quick Search bar (Plugin)

This is a tiny short guide on how to use the quick search effectively for this site, first of you can add it to your browser by just clicking where you select the search engine in your quickbar on any page on this site and add it, it's quite stright forward.

Asf or using it, it's simple, enter what you want to search and search..... Thought this will JUST search objects. To search example sircle fast you need to search for "c electro" to search for circles containing the word electro
Here is a complete list of every thing you can search for

C: Circle
A: Author
P: Parody
H: Character
N: Convention
O: Collections
K: Content
G: Genre
L: Publisher
I: Imprint

You can also use 'numbers', they come in order listed there, Imprint got NONE however so only I will work. Example to use an number instead of the letter.
"3 sakura" will search all parodies containing sakura, this is the same as "p sakura" the number you can use is in the order the in the list, circle =1, Publisher = 9