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Guide: IRC/Chat

Yes we do have an IRC channel that we hang out and chat together with, also where you can ask for help, on average dependent on what time it is it's faster to ask for help in the channel.
You can ofcourse also come in and chat and have fun :)

  • server:
  • port: 6667 (default), 6660 (SSL)
  • channel: #doujinshidb
If you are new to IRC chatnetworks, you should first find a program that supports IRC you like, some suggestions:
  • Win: Mirc, Pidgin, Irssi, Chatzilla, ...
  • Mac: Irssi, Chatzilla, ...
  • Linux: Irssi, Xchat, Chatzilla, ...
And then read its guide how to connect to the network and join the channel.