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Guide: How to upload Covers

Okay just want to have an general guideline on how to upload and submitt covers.
First of the basic, the webserver deals and resize covers, I recomend you upload them as large as you can and don't bother with resizing them on your own.

We ONLY want the front cover of books and mangas, for mangas we also want the book side if possible. DO NOT upload front/back or inner/front covers.

We also do not accept explict loli/shota art due legal reasons, "nude" picture in itself is not explict, if there is minor detail on the cover you can pixelate it yourself or else the entire cover need to be censored, I recomend to still upload the cover then censor it, so that the image search engine at least get the data of the cover.

example of a good cover is here:

And the flowing below here is 'BAD' examples'