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Guide: How to write a Guide

First of this is just a tiny help for those who want to get a kickstart about how to write guides, this gude does not really pick up the subject about how to 'WRITE' the guide just how to use the manager.

First of to write a guide...
You need to select a category, and then a subject for this guide.
General Guides = Guides about how to use the site
Data Submiting Guieds = Guides about how to 'work' with the site
Data Guides = How to enter the data and why and so on.
Other Language Guides = Guides writen for other languages then english.
Other Guides = Everything else goes here.

The name of the topic of the guide can be really whatever, try to name it somewhat so it's easy to see what type of guide it is.

PICFirst of you got the big toolbar with a ton of settings, I won't really go true them but for most who ever writen in an text edior will find themself very home in this enviroment.

The only tip I can really come up with is that most shortcuts works here to, like CTRL + B for bold text, and yes even CTRL + S does work, this will basicly 'publish this object' but no worry you can go back and edit it again :)

Also another thing who may annoy peopels at first, so fast you press enter normally it creates the text as a 'new' section, if you want to just have an line break hold SHIFT and then click enter


Uploading Files:
First off to upload files you need to insert an object, like the picture abow under Typing help you see an icon highligyed called Insert/Edit Image. If you click this you will get to a dialog, it will differ depending on what type of object your trying to insert.

This image is when your trying to insert an image, notice the icon at the top right, if you click this you get to the filenamager, the filemanager is really self explained. And won't need any extra guides on about how you use it. Below is a picture on how it looks.


This is bascically the entire idea about how to write guides and use this tool.
If your interested in writign a guide please go to the forum in tips/trix section and ask for bieng able to write guides, anad what guides you would like to write, they don't nessesarly need to be about this site, they can be about the Japanese language, how to buy doujinshis from japan and so fort. No guides is alowed to be about downloading files however.

This guide will be updated with more info when I get it.