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Guide: Image Search

Image search guide

To use the image search you upload an image, or an URL to an image, keep in mind that the size need to be max 5000x5000 and if your image is larger please resize it before uploading. You can resize it as little as 128x128 pixels.

CoverYou can take photos or scan your own covers of books to upload here.
Keep in mind that when you do that, you want to cut out the image enough so you ONLY see the cover and make sure it's line up as perfectly as you can.

You can see an example of how it should look like to the left of the text here of how an cover should look like after being edited.

Also this comes true when you want to search manga as well, do NOT upload the entire back/front cover you won't get any result at all!, You want to make the image look as much like the covers we keep on this site, yes that means JUST the front cover, and for manga having the spine is fine as well. This is very important to do this or you won't find anything, This apply to doujinshi as well, do not upload pictures with the front and back cover! only the FRONT cover.
There is also very little point of uploading pages within a book we do not store any of this info neither will we do that in the future.

Using URL to link to the db from other sources

Okay from now on you can also use an URL to upload images from other sources to this site, it's very simple :) Point it to

and of course you need to submit an URL, example

This is a new function so hope it will be used :)