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Guide: Katakana Field

From now on your able to use the katakana field for every possible object on this site and browse by it however most data does not contain Katakana information as of yet, this will however change.

The basic breakdown for the Katakana field is that it is used for sorting & browsing with the help of Katakana, mostly for the Japanese viewers.

Since this field is special it need a tiny bit more explonation.

First of this field only have a few valid characters, that is all KATAKANA  (no halfwidth chars!) and number digits 0-9. NO OTHER CHARACTERS AT ALL, Yes this include space.

Also stuff to not convert into it is stuff like Volume/Vol, date Kanjis and things like that.
Example of this is example COMIC パピポ 2007年06月号 should become コミックパピポ200706