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Guide: Notes for contributing

Author: MoeMoe
Updated: 2015-10-03
NOTE: This is a MoeMoe's personal policy, not necessarily entire site's.

0: Definitions of Terms

  • DB: Database. That is, this site, The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon
  • object: =Book. One of the data format on DB.
  • item: =Circle, Author, Parody, Content, etc. One of the data format on DB.
  • own: to hold ownership by paying a right countervalue
  • authorized: to be consented, licensed or stated explicitly by the author him/herself, not by third party like resaller

1: General

1-1: Removing/changing info

I accept newly added info if I can not prove negative.
But for removed or changed info, I require contributor to prove that the former info must be removed or changed.
Even if what you intend to change is Romanization of the title, I require you to prove the superiority or validity of changing.

1-2: Policy of Style/Text formatting

Basically, I think that the policy at is reasonable.表記ガイド
  • When a character can be written in half-width and full-width, use half-width. (ABCabc012!"# and blank)
  • But for katakana, use full-width. Do not use half-width katakana.

1-3: Half-width katakana and other platform dependant characters

I think platform dependant characters should not be used.
representative examples:
  • half-width katakana
  • Roman numerals
  • enclosed Alphanumerics
  • heart mark

1-4: Duped pending object/item due to using back button of the browser

Using back button of the browser on Object/Items Contributions: Step 2 makes duplicated pending objects only when you add new object/item.
Use "Back to Step 1." link at upper right on Step 2.
note) You can see that the edit ID is generated on URL once you move to page Step:2.

2: Notation of the names

The notation of the names and its Romanizations on the book itself, author's website or web store are so inconsistent.
To prevent the confusion, I set a standard.
It is applied for authors, circles and characters.

2-1: Original Title

2-1-1: Spacing of Japanese writing

No space between family and own name.
ex) 手塚治虫
○: 手塚治虫
×: 手塚 治虫
Source websites of auto import (Toranoana and Melonbooks) write without space and they work only in exact match so it is of practical use.

2-1-2: Spacing of alphabet writing

When the name, especially the name of the circle is written in alphabet, the spacing is often inconsistent.
ex) circle: SilverStone
Silver Stone
You should confirm which is the most used one.
And watch that you don't add duped item.
Wildcard searching will help to prevent it.
_ (underscore) : a single character
% (percent sign) : zero or more characters

2-1-3: Capitalization

When the all name is written in alphabet, most of the authors capitalize intentionally.
ex) author: KEI
His name is always written as KEI, never Kei.

2-2: Romanized Title

2-2-1: Order of family and own name

Write family and own name in the same order as Original Title.
ex) 手塚治虫 / Tezuka Osamu
手塚 (Tezuka, family name), 治虫 (Osamu, own name)
○: Tezuka Osamu
×: Osamu Tezuka
ex) チャーリーにしなか / Charlie Nishinaka
チャーリー (Charlie, own name), にしなか (Nishinaka, family name)
○: Charlie Nishinaka
×: Nishinaka Charlie

2-2-2: Method of Romanization, capitalization, spacing, hyphening

As you can see on Tanuma Yuuichirou case, Romanization which you see on particular one book might be used only on that book.
You must confirm the author ALWAYS Romanizes, capitalizes or spaces so or does on that particular case especially it is within the limits of standard notation.
ex) stemming froms within standard
おう: ô (circumflex), ō (macron), o, oh, oo, ou, o- (hyphening)
しゅ: shu, syu
っち: tchi, cchi
The Romanization is NOT within the limits of standard notation, it must be intentional one.
ex) 小林立 / Kobayashi Ritz
ex) えのきづ / Enokids

2-2-3: Correspond with Original Title

When the all name is written in alphabet, you must make capitalization and spacing correspond with Original Title.
ex) circle: SilverStone
Original Title is "SilverStone" so Romanized Title must also be "SilverStone", not "Silver Stone", "Silverstone" nor "SILVERSTONE".

3: Object

3-1: General

3-1-1: How to add new object/item

3-1-2: Adding the latest books

I don't accept books before release.
  • The author might want to control the information at least until release.
  • The contributor must not own the book so the credibility is questionable.
  • Auto import can make duped object later. And it's hard that I make auto import not to add duped book.
So I recommend that you wait about a month after release if you don't own the book.

3-1-3: Blanks in required fields

You must not leave required fields empty.
  • Original title
  • Cover image
  • Circle (only for doujin objects)
  • Author
  • Parody
  • Content
  1. If you can not fill Original title because Japanese is not your language, write so in NOTICE field.
  2. If you can not upload cover image, write so in NOTICE field.
  3. For Circle, Author, Parody and Content, set unknown at very least.
  4. Unknown circle OR author is acceptable but unknown circle AND author is not.
  5. When the author/circle that you intend to set is not added on DB, you can add them newly.

3-1-4: Only "unknown" in optional fields

Do not set only unknown for optional fields (Character and Genre)
Leave them empty when you have nothing to set.

3-2: Romanized title

3-2-1: Valid characters

I only accept ASCII printable characters for Romanized title field.
see also) Forbidden characters on

3-2-2: All Original title are ASCII but empty Romanized Title

When all of the title is written in ASCII characters, you should fill the same value into Romanized title field. Without doing it, the book won't be sorted by Romanized title.

3-2-3: Kana-transliterated English word

The word of English origin should be transliterated to original English word.
So when the Original title is "イングリッシュ", Romanized title must be "English", not "Ingurisshu"

3-2-4: Official vs. Standardized Romanization

When the author writes Romanization on the book itself, I follow it.

3-2-5: Translated title in Romanized Title

Romanized title is for transliterating, not for translating. If the translated title is authorized one, input it into alt name field in page STEP 2.

3-3: Original title

3-3-1: Authorized title only

As the title entered in Original title field and Alt names field, I accept only authorized title. So I accept the title only I can see on the cover image or sample images.
For example, I don't accept translated title by third party like resaller.
If it is difficult to upload the images which the alt title is printed, write where the alt title is printed on the book itself like back cover or colophon.


3-4-1: Other than Katakana in Katakana field

List of Katakana
There're some others but I think there's no case to use
ヽヾヵヶヮ゛゜ and some more
  • Inputting blank is the most frequently seen improper edit.
  • "・"(middle dot), "。"(Japanese period), "、"(Japanese comma) are not katakana.
  • Use half-width numeral, not full-width.
  • "ー"(prolonged sound mark) is a kana. You can use it.

3-5: Hentai Content

3-5-1: Changing

In most cases, I check contributions without owning book. So It is hard to judge the validity of changing.

3-6: ISBN

3-6-1: Magazine

ISBN is not assigned to periodical. And first 3 digits of ISBN-13 are 978 as of now. 13 digits assigned to magazines are JAN.

3-7: Language

3-7-1: Changing

If the book you read is translated, that doesn't mean the original one is distributed in translated language.
And this is not pirate site so you can't read whole contents by changing language or whatever you do.

3-8: Info

3-8-1: URL in Info field

You can edit external links from "Links: (Add/Edit)" on Book Info page after it's confirmed.

3-9: Free Type

3-9-1: Inappropriate link

The point of Free Type is whether "AUTHORIZED PEOPLE" open to the public "ENTIRE CONTENTS" or not.

3-10: Images

3-10-1: Unauthorized copy

Don't upload unauthorized copy images.

3-10-2: Overwriting censored image to uncensored one

Major reasons of censoring the image are
  • The author requested to delete
  • The image could be illigal in a particular country or region
So don't overwrite censored images.

3-10-3: Front and back cover

Isn't the cover image which you uploaded is the front and back cover, not the front cover?
Upload other than front cover as sample image.

3-10-4: Meaningless margin from online stores

Auto import of DB trims away the right and left margin of the images so I want the images to be trimmed.

3-10-5: Changing to image in different color

In most cases, the difference in the color of the cover means something like preview edition, reprint edition or convention/consignment edition. So I don't accept it unless you show undeniable grounds which prove the new image is the correct one.

3-10-6: Re-upload the same image after confirming

Your image is already uploaded. If you don't see the images which you uploaded, that's because of cache of your browser or server of this DB. Try force reloading (ctrl + F5).

3-11: Alt names

3-11-1: Titles not seen on uploaded images

I accept only titles which are printed on the book itself to exclude unauthorized translated title.
So if you enter the title which is not printed on the cover image nor sample images, write where the alt name is printed in NOTICE field or upload the sample image which the alt name is printed on.

3-12: Circle

3-12-1: Other then distributing circle

I think the Circle is the responsible organization for distribution same as publisher of commercial manga.
It is usually printed at "発行:(name of the circle here)" on colophon.

3-13: Parody

3-13-1: Setting specific title without removing "Unknown"

If the book refers to single parody, remove Unknown.
If it seems that there still are plural unknown parodies, remove Unknown then set Various.
Use Unknown when only one parody is left to be identified or you have no idea that the number of parodies left to be identified is singular or plural.

3-13-2: Setting specific title without removing "series"

Use "series" when you can not specify among series.
So when you specified the title, set specific title then remove "series".
You don't have to set both "series" and specific title.

3-13-3: Setting "ALL" to plural parodies

Default setting of TYPE of the parody is ALL. Change it as necessary.
If you mean the book is about crossover, set it to Genre.

3-14: Character

3-14-1: Setting "unknown"

Character is optional entry.
If you can not identify the character, you don't have to set "unknown".
Leave it empty when you have nothing to set.

3-15: Genre

3-15-1: Setting "unknown"

Genre is optional entry.
If you can not classify the genre, you don't have to set "unknown".
Leave it empty when you have nothing to set.

4: Item

4-1: Circle, Author - General

4-1-1: Editing suspicious/at potential risk of being combined author/circle

Auto import can not distinguish author/circle between ones whose names are the same. So when the value in source website is the same, auto import combine them as one item.
Only human users can separate when auto import combined them.
And short names are tend to be overlapped. For the future distinguishing, you should add Extra name and external links in advance when the name is written in
  • 4 or less kanas
  • 2 or less kanjis
  • 1 English word or common combination of English words like "honey bunny" or "gold rush"

4-1-2: Parentheses in Extra name field

Parentheses which surround whole Extra name on Item list or editiing page is displayed automatically without inputting in Extra name field.
If you input them, parentheses will displayed double.

4-2: Circle, Author - alias, inconsistent notaion

4-2-1: Combining same reading, different notations as one item

It's so common to be changed the notation of the name of the circle, author kana⇔alphabet⇔kanji in same reading.
So you have to confirm those different notations are aliases or not.
And for aliases, use linking.
cf) Diffence between linking and alt names

4-2-2: Different name, not inconsistent spelling in alt name

For plural pen names, use linking, not alt name.
cf) Diffence between linking and alt names
I accept only pen names which is credited on publications, not handle on the web, SNS.

4-3: Circle, Author - sharing same name

4-3-1: Adding new Author/Circle whose name is shared with others

You should add a distinguishing mark, that is Extra name field, to distinguish.
Beware that exist one is already combined with plural Author/Circle by auto importing.
And short names are tend to be overlapped. For the future distinguishing, you should add Extra name and external links in advance when the name is written in
  • 4 or less kanas
  • 2 or less kanjis
  • 1 English word or common combination of English words like "honey bunny" or "gold rush"

4-3-2: Extra name which does not help to distinguish

Extra name is for distinguishing between same names.
See examples below. Italic in parentheses are Extra names.
note) I try to input Extra name for all characters.

4-3-3: Activity, favorite motif in Extra name

Activity or favorite motif might narrows down a range but not uniquely identifies.
ex) two こまs If their Extra name are "Pokemon artist", they don't help to identify.

4-4: Circle - member

4-4-1: Setting "unknown" as a member

Practical use of setting member is listing member author on editing page of object.
You should not set "unknown" as member.

4-5: Character

4-5-1: No linking to parody

You could link the character to parody only the first time when you added the character before moving to Item Contribution Step 2.
Don't forget to link this character with parody by editing parody after it's confirmed.

4-5-2: link with parody "series"

You shouldn't link characters to parody "series".
Because "List All Parody Characters" on the page Object Contributions: Step 2 list characters of direct superordinat parody.
For example, Misumi Nagisa a.k.a. Cure Black, very first PreCure, will listed from all latter titles if she is linked with PreCure series.

4-5-3: Erotic image

Upload as clean and non erotic picture of the characters as you can find.

4-6: Collection

4-6-1: Adding new collection which can list easily by sorting.

Adding new collection makes pulldown menu on the page of object contribution step 1 longer.
I don't want new collection to be added when the series can list easily by sorting.

5: External link

5-1: General

5-1-1: How to edit

5-1-2: Deleting dead links

Do not delete dead links.
note) IMHO, dead or closed ones need some kind of discriminating sign.

5-1-3: Shortest URL to amazon

ex) Black Jack vol.1 by Tezuka Osamu

5-2: Author, Circle

5-2-1: URL of SNS as external link for author/circle

When the user name of SNS like pixiv or twitter is same or almost same as pen name of the author, add them as external link of the author, not circle.
You see links to private account of SNS are inappropriate if the circle which the author belongs is group circle like RPG Company 2.

5-2-2: Combined author/circle

see 4-1-1

5-2-3: Websites by third parties

The websites which should be added as external links are the websites which the author/circle themselves transmit, not the websites on which the third party refer the authors/circles.