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Guide: Romanization

Author: Thriff
Updated: 2010-04-19
NOTE: Work in progress...

This guide is to be of use for correctly romanizing the JP TITLE to the EN TITLE field.
The system we strive to use for all romanizations is the Hepburn system.


If you're not fluent in japanese a translation application is needed, it is recommended that you at least have some understanding of the language to even try this. Any program that uses e-dict can successfully be used, webtranslator services are discouraged, even though some may use edict.
There are several good plugins for browsers to help translate kanji.


Since katakana is mostly used for transcribed words they can often easily be romanized and translated. Examples:
コミック - komikku - Comic
ブック - bukku - Book
テレビ - terebi - Television
Either the romanization or translation of the word may be used.
However sometimes katakana is used as onomatopoeia, emphasis, names or technical terms. Such words can and should not be translated in the EN TITLE, only a rominization of it must be entered. Examples:
ピンポン - pinpon - sound of doorbell - onomatopoeia
スズキ - suzuki - Suzuki - name
メガネ - megane - glasses - emphasis
ゴミ - gomi - trash - emphasis
フェイト - feito - Fate - name/transcription
ヒト - hito - person - technical
ドキドキ - dokidoki - sound of heartbeat - onomatopoeia
A table of all kana can be found on wikipedia: Katakana


All hiragana should be easy to romanize for the EN TITLE field.
A table of all kana can be found on wikipedia: Hiragana

Forbidden characters

These characters should NOT be in the EN TITLE field:
♪ × ・ ★ ~ ∀ ♯ ☆ ○ 。
They must be replaced with SPACE or similar looking ISO character.


Mostly found on magazines and if written in roman characters they can be used as is. Examples:
VOL. - Volume
No. - Number


Also mostly found on magazines, the kanji for year (年 - nen), month (月 - gatsu) and day (日 - ka). If all three are present with a date they can be removed to make it more conventional with / or -.
However, if they are 'part' of the title and not just a numbering, a romanization should be made instead. (The above mentioned romanization would probably apply.)

Roman characters

Any title words or characters that are of the alfabet can be used as is and needs no change.