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Guide: Contribute > Add/Edit book

Author: dmwade, Thriff
Updated: 2010-02-25
NOTE: It is often better to leave fields blank or set to 'Unknown' if you are uncertain -- this makes information that needs to be corrected easier to identify.



This should be the romanised title, and not a translated title. You can use the Romanisation guide as a reference on how to get it right.
Some books provide a romanisation for Japanese text, but most do not. Also, some may give a title in English IN ADDITION to Japanese.
These are not romanised titles, so don't enter them here, instead used the Alternative title field in STEP 2 once you have added the book.
If you are unable to transliterate a Japanese title, leave this field blank, but be sure to enter the title in JP TITLE, so another user can complete it later.

Japanese title field, should be in either kanji or kana.
If the original title of the book is in romaji (alfabetical) you can set both EN and JP NAME to this value.

When applicable (not for most CG, software and "other" items), please try and fill this field. More specifics in the Page Numbers guide.

Release Date
Define this field when possible. If you only know the year, or year/month, you may enter values as YYYY-00-00 or YYYY-MM-00.
Be careful, howevever, the value you enter will be ignored if it isn't in the proper format.
If the date is written in a 'strange' format in the book you might want to check the Dates guide.

This field only applies to commerical books.
You may fill it if you wish (it exists mostly for people who may want to locate a copy of this book for purchase).

Type? *
Select the type of your addition from the dropdown list. (Default: Doujinshi/Manga)

Hentai Content?

Don't forget to set this to No when necessary. (Default: yes)

For books with many authors, set this to Yes. (Default: no)

A copybook is a cheap, selfprinted and often short book that is stapled in the binding. (Default: no) (see image for clarification)

Level of censoring the book has.

Wirtten language in the book.


Only relevant for doujinshi items.
There are a few ways you can deduce the convention if you only know the release date:
  • Dates falling into any of the "Comic Market" ranges are very likely to have been released at those events.
    Similarly if you know a book was released at 'Winter Comiket' (August) or 'Summer Comiket' (December) and you know the year,
    you can choose the appropriate Comic Market from the list.
  • The above should apply to "Comic Revolution" date ranges as well. Comic Revolution is, unfortunately, no longer held,
    so anything post 2005/04/24 you'll have to figure out some other way.


Applies only to commercial items.
* The Convention and Publisher field will only appear when you view items for which they are applicable, regardless of whether you select anything other than the default.

Applies only to commercial items.
Several publishers have brand names for their books, this is often printed on the binding and should not be put in the publisher field.


If the book in question has prequels or sequels it can be added to a collection. (These are mostly user defined.)


Add here anything extra you would like mention about this item. This might include edition (re-print) info, details about the contents that you can't define elsewhere (pairings, etc), and so on. Please avoid adding useless information, eg. "This is a negima book, the cover is hot" -- instead, you could write "The girl on the cover is Yue Ayase".


  • Cover *
    The cover image of the book, please check this guide on how to best upload your cover.
  • Preview(s)
    2-4 pages from the book to use as previews.

Alt Title(s)
Any translated title that is not the original JP title goes here.

Add Circle
Only relevant for doujinshi items.
A circle name is like a group/team name for people who draw doujinshi, it is often found printed somewhere on the cover or in the books info page.
If it can't be found or doesnt excist, set it to 'unknown'.

Add Author
Name or penname of the author(s) of the book, can in most cases be found in the books info page.
If it can't be found or doesnt excist, set it to 'unknown'.

Add Parody
What parody is the book based on.
For any manga or original work this should be set to 'Original'.
If it can't be found or doesnt excist, set it to 'unknown'.

Add Parody Character
What characters from above set parody are depicted in this book.

Add Content
Any kind of content that is displayed in the book.
Set it to 'unknown' at the very least.

Add Genre
Applies only to manga items.

* Required field (if any of these fields are left blank the probability of getting the addition/edit approved will be low.)